At William West, we love candles. We love making them, we love sharing them, we love talking about them! Now that spring/summer 2022 is officially upon us, we’ve been thinking about some of our favourite candle fragrances that truly match this magical season.

Read on to discover what scents from the William West range we’ll be investing in as the weather starts to heat up…

  1. Windsor Rose

Roses are one of the most beautiful sights in England during the spring and summer, so why not bring that lasting scent into your home?

Our Windsor Rose fragrance embodies the summer feeling, offering fresh and invigorating notes of rose. The scent is inspired by the rose bushes you’ll find in the grounds of Windsor Castle, making them an indulgent and suitably regal treat for the senses.

  1. Dorney Lake

This is one of our steadfast favourites for the season, with fruity notes of Mandarin and lime transporting you to a scented spring afternoon.

We’ve also added an earthier note, basil, to help centre the fragrance. We gave this candle a very special name, tied to a very special event.

Dorney Lake was created by Eton College, and it’s here that the 2012 Olympics hosted its rowing events. Ten years on, you’ll find lots to explore around the lake, making it the ideal place to spend a lazy summers day.

Bring the magic of Dorney Lake into your own home with this stunning scented candle.

  1. Eton Mess

The story behind our Eton Mess candle stretches back to a cricket match between Eton College and Harrow, the first time the dish that would come to be known as ‘Eton Mess’ was served.

Our candle mimics some of the aromas we associate with this iconic dessert, including notes of strawberry and vanilla for an indulgent treat that’s (almost) good enough to eat.

William West candles are inspired by the history and heritage of Eton, and handmade in Eton’s oldest building, The Cockpit.

Each of our candles is sustainably crafted and lovingly made, bringing centuries of artisan tradition into the 21st century.

Not only are our candles the perfect way to bring some spring/summer scents into your home, but each candle comes complete with a decorative presentation box, making it ideal for gifting or treating yourself.

Ready to pick your new favourite candle? Browse our extended range online now. Which one will become your home essential?

May 20, 2022 — Rebecca Appleton