Ah, summer! Warmer days, warmer nights, brighter colours, all of the tropical fruit, lots of blooms and above all, sunshine!

Who doesn’t relish this beautiful season and the chance to throw open the doors and windows to let in the fresh air, a chance to enjoy dinner al fresco and trips to the park or beach to relax and enjoy after the long winter?

Summer is an especially inspiring period for those who love to decorate their homes and switch up their style with the seasons as there is so much greenery and light in abundance. In addition to adding jugs of fresh blooms, brighter throws, lighter curtains and splashes of colour, the smell of your home can be given a makeover too.

Another great thing about this joyous season is the chance to switch from the more comforting scents of autumn and winter to light, bright, delicate fragrances which fill our homes with sunshine.

Here are a few of our favourite summer-ready scents to incorporate into your space over the next few months.


Is there anything that is more quintessential for a British summer than the luscious, fragrant and floral scent of rose? A traditional fragrance to be sure, it’s one that works all year round but we think it really comes into its own when the sun’s out.

Rose scented candles, such as our Jubilee Candle add a wonderful floral fragrance to your space, as if you were strolling through a rose garden on a warm day. They’re perfect for lounges, bedrooms and conservatories, orangeries or out houses.


It wouldn’t be summertime without plump red berries topped with pillowy, snowy white ice cream. Whether you prefer a bowl of decadent fruit as a snack or prefer your strawberries to bejewel a refreshing glass of pimps, it’s one of those fruity fragrances that will forever be inextricably linked with brighter days. This scent is perfect for kitchens, home offices, lounges and even bathrooms to add a pop of freshness. In our Eton Mess candle, we’ve also paired it with sweet notes of vanilla for the ultimate summer scent.


Brushing past a blooming, heady Lavender plant with its intoxicating fragrance is one of the joys of summer. Evoking memories of vibrant fields blanketed in purple hues, lavender is also a relaxing, soothing fragrance. It’s perfect for the summer bedroom, especially if you struggle to drift off on the more humid, stuffier summer nights.

May 30, 2022 — Rebecca Appleton