William West Dorney Lake Soy Candle (300g)


Fruity notes of Mandarin and lime, reminiscent of a spring afternoon, with base notes of basil for an earthy addition to this gorgeous fragrance. This scent will transport you to Dorney Lake, a location created by Eton college which hosted the 2012 Olympic rowing events and is now a beautiful location for a spring-time stroll or a beautiful summer party.

About Our Candles

Bring the history of Eton to life with this handmade candle steeped in history, with a gorgeous Eton-inspired fragrance, it’s the perfect way to bring the beauty of Eton to your home. Handmade in The Cockpit, Eton’s oldest building, with 500 years of history behind it, it’s a candle like no other.

The 300g candle will give you 65+ hours of burn, releasing a fresh citrus scent. These candles have cotton wicks. 

This candle is cruelty free and vegan friendly. All Candles are made sustainably.