If you’re throwing a Jubilee soiree this summer, don’t panic! Jubilee parties are famously informal, so keep it light and friendly for a first-class event.

We love parties, so we’ve compiled this brief guide to the essentials you need for your upcoming Jubilee garden or street party!

Create your own bunting

What is a royal event without some vibrant, decorative bunting? This is an area where we advise you to get crafty – pick up some cute paper and go wild! If you’re anxious about making your own bunting, then there’s plenty available in shops, particularly in the lead-up to the Jubilee. Hang it in key focus areas at the event to add a bit of instant visual appeal.

Add some candles

Candles help to set the mood of the event. Choose a scent that matches the time of day and tone of the party, and dot them around the venue or place on the table.

Remember that candles don’t need to be reserved for formal evening events, but work just as well for adding a bit of ambiance to your Jubilee garden or street party.

Organise a celebratory feast

Whether you’re hosting the celebrations or heading to someone else’s party, great food and drink is a must. Think delicious cakes, tasty sandwiches, and free-flowing drinks to give the event a true party atmosphere.

Carefully consider any dietary requirements ahead of time. Are there any vegans or vegetarians attending? Do you need the menu to be gluten-free (or include gluten-free options)? Ask around and be sure to include some variety. The same rule applies to drinks, so add some alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to keep all the guests happy.

Whether you’re making or ordering it, a great cake is a must. Make yours the centrepiece of the day or ask guests to bring along some tasty treats of their own for a more collaborative affair.

Choose fun decorations

Alongside the bunting, the cake and the candles, you’ll also want to add some fun decorations. Union flags are popular during Jubilee events, and anything bright and colourful is sure to make the perfect summer splash!

Get people involved

Collaborate for the event! The Jubilee parties of old always brought together local communities, so why shouldn’t yours do the same? Invite your neighbours to take part and ask friends and family to help out and make the day a roaring success.

May 16, 2022 — Rebecca Appleton