William West Flame Of Freedom


*Please note due to high demand dispatch times are currently 3-5 working days for this product*

The Flame of Freedom may burn low at times but it must never be extinguished. By purchasing this candle it is contributing to make sure it will always burn brightly. 

Our Story

Hello my name is Olga. I am a Ukrainian living in the UK.
All my family; parents, brother and sister and relatives are in Kyiv, surrounded by Russian Forces. They are now fighting for Ukraine and freedom. They have no way out. They didn’t want one, they are fiercely passionate about fighting for Ukraine and what is right. When I speak to my parents on the phone, you can hear bombs and machine guns in the background during the attacks. I have no idea if and when I will see them again. it is frightening for us all, not knowing if the next bomb or bullet might hit them.   
I feel helpless and all I can do is to raise money as fast as I can to support the Ukrainian embassy. Whilst I am safe in the UK, my family and millions of others are suffering with no food, injured, homeless and in terrible danger. I really appreciate your support by buying my Flame of Freedom candle. When you light your candle, please take a moment to reflect on all those suffering and how lucky we all are to be safe.