William West Tangier Lane Soy Candle (300g)


The Tangier Lane candles have notes of Moroccan spice and honey for a rich and earthy scent. Inspired by Tangier, the Moroccan city gifted to King Charles II in his wife, Catherine of Braganza’s dowry, this then inspired the naming of Tangier Lane, a popular Eton Street.

Each candle comes in a presentation box and are great for gifts or home use.

About Our Candles

Bring the history of Eton to life with this handmade candle steeped in history, it’s the perfect way to bring the beauty of Eton to your home. Handmade in The Cockpit, Eton’s oldest building, with 600 years of history behind it, it’s a candle like no other.

This 300g candle will give you 65+ hours of burn releasing a honey and tobacco scent. These candles have cotton wicks. 

These candles are 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free. All candles are made sustainably.