On 6th February 1952, while on an official visit to Kenya, a 25-year-old Princess Elizabeth instantly became Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland following the death of her father, King George VI. Now, the country is preparing for one of the biggest celebrations in royal history: her Platinum Jubilee.

The Platinum Jubilee

A jubilee is an important milestone marking a monarch’s reign. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee, signifying 25 years on the throne, in 1977, followed by her Golden Jubilee marking 50 years in 2002, and her 60-year Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Events are typically held on or around the 2nd of June, reflecting The Queen’s coronation which took place at Westminster Abbey, London, on 2nd June 1953.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee marks 70 years of service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Not only is this a tremendous milestone, but Her Majesty is also the first ever British monarch to celebrate such a wonderful and important occasion.

The longest reigning monarch before Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria, celebrated her Diamond Jubilee marking 60 years on the throne in 1897, four years before her death in 1901. Prior to this, the longest reigns were held by George III, Henry III, Edward III, and James VI, who all reached their Golden Jubilees. However, very little - if anything - is known about the events that took place to mark the occasions.

Jubilees were originally little more than a practicality; a method for managing inherited land. Today, they are a cause for celebration. The first public celebration of a jubilee came in 1935, when George V’s Silver Jubilee was marked with parties, pageants, fetes, and a public holiday. This year, Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee is a reason for us all to come together, commemorate the occasion, and recognise the work of The Queen. And let’s be honest… couldn’t we all use a reason to celebrate?

Inspiring Our Collection

As part of these fantastic celebrations, The Queen has hand selected a special rose to mark her upcoming jubilee. A stunning Hybrid Tea Rose has been chosen as the official flower of the event. With a delicate light pink hue and sweet aroma, coupled with large, bold petals and a robust stem, the rose is understood to reflect Her Majesty’s strength, determination, and graceful attitude. And at William West Candles, we can’t think of anything better to inspire our soy candle collection.

Our celebratory Jubilee Candle has been inspired by the Royal Family’s love for our country’s national flower. Hand poured in Eton, this special edition candle features fresh notes of rose, with one sniff transporting you to a classic English rose garden, along with a hint of decadent champage.

The English Rose

While we can’t know for certain when the Royal Family’s passion for roses first began, what we do know is that the foundation for the iconic rose garden at Windsor Castle’s East Terrace was first laid in 1824. Designed by architect Sir Jeffry Wyatville, the garden was originally developed for King George IV. The garden as we know it now was redesigned after the war, with no less than 3500 rose bushes planted.

The garden contains many different types of rose, each with their own unique colour and scent. Some of the most well-known roses in the garden are named for members of the Royal Family, such as Princess Alexandra of Kent, or celebrated public figures, such as author Roald Dahl. However, undoubtedly the most famous rose planted at Windsor is the Duke of Edinburgh Rose. This was presented to Her Majesty by the Royal Horticultural Society, and planted in honour of Prince Philip, The Queen’s husband of 73 years, on what would have been his 100th birthday in 2021.

Ready to Celebrate?

Plans are underway for a huge nationwide celebration during the Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend, which will take place from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June. The weekend will kick off with The Queen’s Birthday Parade and come to a close with The Platinum Jubilee Pageant and a performance of ‘God Save The Queen’.

In between, of course, will be four jam-packed days of events up and down the country. In fact, official records show that there are almost 2000 public events planned for the long weekend, along with more than 1500 street parties!

One of the best ways that we can all get involved and join in the celebration is by lighting the William West Windsor Rose candle. Arriving lovingly packaged in a special gift box, the 300g soy candle will release a beautiful fresh rose aroma in honour of Her Majesty and the 70 years of service she has given to our country.

Our candles are 100% cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and sustainably made. Order yours today on our website, or browse our other candles, hand poured in Eton.


May 11, 2022 — Rebecca Appleton