William West have raised in excess of £15,000 for Ukrainian civilians stranded in the country, through the sale of a special vanilla-scented candle called Flame Of Freedom.

Ukrainian born Olga Line who lives in Eton, is hand making Flame Of Freedom candles in the colours of the Ukrainian flag to raise urgent funds for humanitarian aid for Ukrainians. The Flame Of Freedom candles are available on our website, with all proceeds going directly to go directly to humanitarian causes via the UNICEF Emergency Appeal to protect children.

Olga said: “All of my family are over there and when this war started I knew I wanted to donate money to Ukraine and thought I’d make and sell these candles to raise funds to help.

“It’s such a horrible situation, I check with my family every day, every hour, and it’s really hard to hear what is going on and what they’re going through.”

“My aunt has stage four cancer, she needed her next chemotherapy treatment but she can’t go to the hospital because Russia could bomb at any point.”

“So my cousin and her husband took the medicine to my aunt and had to do the treatment from home.”

Olga said that she feels "useless" being in England and wanted to be able to help her family in some way as well as other people in Ukraine who are also suffering. She started making the candles, and not longer after the press coverage began, initially appearing on BBC News to promote the Flame of Freedom Candles. Watch the video to see more on why this is so important and close to Olga.

William West has appeared again on BBC News, most recently covering Olga's 16 year old niece who travelled on her own, through four countries to safely arrive at her new home in Eton. Even though she is now safe, she is still very concerned for her parents.

The Flame of Freedom may burn low at times but it must never be extinguished. Purchase your own Flame Of Freedom candle for £30 and you will be contributing to make sure it will always burn brightly. All proceeds are donated to humanitarian causes via the UNICEF Emergency Appeal.

April 24, 2022 — Roger Line